Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need to know what to expect during the interview process or you are looking for professional assistance, go through the popular topics to set you up for success.

Before moving to their next role, the workforce at Kode Core usually stays in the same position for nearly 3 years. In today’s tech-dominating world, agility is incredibly important as technology continues to evolve and may impact the way we work.


During annual job evaluations, we, at Kode Core, encourage internal mobility among employees who are interested in exploring new positions within our company. This would help them to set up an alert so they can know about the opportunities they might be interested in. Keeping our workforce engaged and happy with new challenges is important, and that’s why we always value internal mobility.

To know the culture at Kode Core, it’s all about passion that each of our employees can feel it. People endeavor to put in the best of their efforts and there’s strong importance on teamwork. Also, seniors at the managerial level are affable and helpful and they are always open to share knowledge and help you out. We work as a family and that’s what makes us unique.

Yes! As a matter of fact, we would be very happy to consider you for the job opportunity again. If you want to be a part of Kode Core, simply submit a separate application for each role you are interested in through our career section.

After assessing your knowledge and skills, we would let you know with a status update within a week of your interview.

If you get selected for the position of marketing, if you will perform well you will absolutely get the hike of the salary along with a good position.

A good vacancy text is one, a clear job description is two, but that still leaves the candidate wondering – how exactly does a work day with you look like? The best way to learn this is from the teammates themselves. That is why it is highly important to include ‘a day in a life’ video when posting vacancies.

This question can easily be covered by giving candidates the opportunity to chat with HR or with someone from their direct team. Don’t immediately think of a formal job interview, but rather of having a cup of coffee, a Skype conversation or an invitation for a meeting or an (in-house) event to get to know the company and potential colleagues.

Candidates are in high demand and in short supply in today’s market. Consequently, a typical job search will always span 2 – 4 months. In cases where no relocation is mainly required, it may frequently be a shorter time frame.

Yes, we work with both W-2’s and independent contractors provided the independent contractor meets insurance and Whitaker requirements.

Yes! Of course, we also do prefer hiring local candidates but regarding their vast knowledge.