Most Efficient IT Outsourcing Company in India

With the growing demand for IT professionals worldwide, the requirement for efficient and reliable IT outsourcing company in India is augmenting day by day.


Best IT Outsourcing Company in India

Kode Core has become successful in imprinting its name in the industry of IT outsourcing company in India. With a deep research team and highly trained IT experts, we have already achieved a position in the domestic and global market as a trusted service provider.

However, with time, our goals become bigger, and our services become more efficient and result-driven. We work within a consistent framework to serve our clients as per their current requirements. Our approaches towards challenges keep changing to stay relevant in the industry of IT solutions.

At Kode Core, we have trained, talented, dynamic, and dedicated call center executives who are experts in handling various projects. From inbound calls to outbound sales leads – they can manage all BPO projects without any hassle. Therefore, your search for professional BPO services in Kolkata will end here.

End-to-End Technology for Best IT Solutions

When it comes to getting the best IT solutions for your business, you should look for companies that can provide you with end-to-end technology and skilled technical experts. Our research team always finds the latest sources of serving clients where creativity and technology work hand in hand.

We are happy to serve our clients worldwide, looking for the top IT outsourcing company in India for their flawless and relevant digital transformation and enterprise development as per the current market demand. We provide our clients with IT solutions that keep them flexible to adopt the latest changes and transform their strategies as per the changing dynamics of this modern time.

Bespoke IT Outsourcing in India for Modern Brands

When your brand is unique, you must receive something custom made to match your unique requirements. Kode Core is capable of providing you with the same. Our team of IT outsourcing works closely with clients to understand their basic needs and delivers the finest projects in a bespoke manner. We have highly experienced quality analysts who evaluate all the processes before final delivery to ensure the best quality.

Be with the Experts to Achieve Your Goals

Kode Core is one of the industry experts in IT outsourcing in India. We have been serving this trade for several years and have taken part in countless successful projects so far.

Please get in touch with our customer service team to know more about our IT outsourcing solutions.

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Providing Business Platform Since 2002

Kode Core works on a high platform to provide IT projects and urge to support your business in an exceptional way with dynamic ideas.

Our Most Preferred IT Services

  • Custom Software Development
  • Website Designing
  • Website Development
  • Dedicated project base developers
  • Lead Generation
    Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Hardware and Software (Tech Support)
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Ecommerce
  • Data Entry Projects
  • Medical Transcriptions
  • Graphic Design
  • Game Development
  • Data conversion
  • Hosting and VPS
  • Bulk SMS
Providing one step solution towards the competitive platform.
Our organization has a motive to build a long lasting relationship with our clients
We firmly believe that using technology should be easy and fun. Our vision is to make technology friendly for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products/services.
Create groundbreaking innovations to make our IT solutions reliable, sustainable, and effective to create a positive impact in the business environment where we live and work.


We give first priority to our client’s thoughts and we provide services with full enthusiasm. Having the topnotch level in the business platform is very prevalent among every organization. But, we focus moreover on our projects and services.
Customers play a very imperative role in a business’s world. They are inquisitive , comprehend and provide fine quality to the multiple services provided by an organization. As a business leader of the IT industry “ we don’t find customers for our products , we find products for our customers”.

Our Talent

Kode Core is getting expanded globally. Our 300+ employees represent around 23 countries till now. 8 countries are highly activated and got approval from business’s clients. Already created a strong base in international level and started working upon India’s client based companies.

Our Heritage & Values

Our Kode Core heritage group has a spirit of camaraderie among employees which create a long-term relationship between employer and employees. We give value to the thoughts and ideas of all our employees.


Company advantage is the only key where you can get intense and modernize fundamentals of the vast and exceptional ideas which will help your business to achieve your goals and aspects that will lead to success in the business world.

The services which we are providing are as follows

  • Banking & Financial Service
  • Insurance
  • Communication Media & Information Technology
  • Virtual Currency
  • Real Estate
  • Mines


After having such huge achievements we’ve received a numerous awards. It’s a matter of great pride that we got so many awards. We are proud to have such a supportive team that is a privilege for our organization and always be recognized as the best business platform.

Client Value Creation

An excellent long-term relationship with value building with our promising client, creating an unbreakable relationship by being responsive and relevant.

One Global Network

Generating a global hub for learning, collaboration, building a new relationship, emphasizing on old relationships, and connecting with exceptional services to the client whenever and wherever they do business

Respect for the Individual

Different people exist multi-places and everybody has their values and ideas though we are working with multiple clients who belong to multi regions. We believe in giving equality to everybody’s thoughts and ideas.

Best People

We take initiative to create an excellent and modernize individual’s talents and illustrate a willing-to-do attitude, challenging our people to give their best not only in the work front but also in the value-based cooperative.


Being transparent with our client and inspiring trust by keeping up what being said according to their expectations by inculpating with the promises that are being made by us and also taking responsibility for our actions as well as a mistake if any.


Maintaining all the arrangements by setting an example for the future upfront by building abetter stronger relationships with the clients by pleading to develop our people and also to improve the community and social structure.

Client Value Creation


After having such huge achievements we’ve received a numerous awards. It’s a matter of great pride that we got so many awards. We are proud to have such a supportive team that is a privilege for our organization and always be recognized as the best business platform.
Banking & Financial Service

Monarch Innovation Award- USA - Financial Services

This award underlines electrifying latest innovations within the financial services organization and has identified the innovative works of financial foundations and vendors.
Media & Information Technology

Best workplaces in technology- USA - IT and Telecommunications

We were awarded as the best workplace in technology. We provide good culture and surroundings in our workplace i.e why we were able to achieve this award.
Media & Information Technology

Halo Awards- USA- corporate social responsibility

The Halo Awards are one of the highest honors of North America’s for corporate community-based enterprises and source marketing and demonstrate victorious and employee involvement efforts.
Banking & Financial Service

BISA Technology Innovation Award- USA- Financial Services

The BISA Technology Innovation Award is invented to acknowledge authority in the evolution of financial services organization’s products, platforms and services through applied science or technology innovation. This award underlines firms for their devotion to authorities in technology-based solutions for the company.
Media & Information Technology

Cablefax 100 awards- usa- IT and Telecommunications.

Cablefax awards programs come up with cable professionals the possibility to showcase their finest programs and dynamism of the year and greeting marvellous performance by individuals.


Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.