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The future of the real estate industry is now

It is extracting valuable minerals from the earth, locked away in the Earth, and locked within Ore within the Earth.

Now we need minerals like everything is made of minerals. The problem is that they are forms naturally and they are distributed unevenly.

And so we are going to have different reserves in different parts of our planet. Once miners disscover those reserves, however, mining allows them to pull it out, once it’s gone it is gone.

These are nonrenewable resources. It is not like crops where they can plant them. Once they are gone they are gone.

What do they do once they have pulled the Ore out? They process what is left over are called tailings.

Now there are 4 different types of mines

  • Underground
  • Open surface (pit)
  • Placer
  • In-situ mining

The Underground

Underground mining operation is conventional binding mostly track down where workers developed an old tunnel, they gain access to the whole body and then we manually draw and blast and get the Ore out...

Open Surface (pit)

Opencast mining, where we remove the overburden and develop a pendant from there to people to feed Ore into the plant. Thye start with the overburden removal and there's a design with different levels and independent miners got different operations...


Placer mines means that someone is going out and that person is taking the top 12 to 18 inches off of what’s been deposited in a river. Well, how did the gold get in there in the river? It washed down from a load, a load of gold in the vein,...

In-situ mining

Mining can be done without moving any rock known as in-situ mining or in-situ recovery(ISR). In 2016, 48% of the world’s mined uranium was from is our operations gold, copper and many other elements can also be extracted using ISR ...


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