Open Surface Mining

Opencast mining, where we remove the overburden and develop a pendant from there to people to feed Ore into the plant.


Thye start with the overburden removal and there’s a design with different levels and independent miners got different operations first they have to prepare the blocks so that they can, then they start drilling in the right patterns to give the right type of fragmentation and then they charge it up and blast it and then with that big power shovels and onto the trucks, then trucks then take it to either to the crusher or to the run of white stock point what they found is the traditional way of managing these is to have just enough drills, just enough shovels, just enough of trucks and then we can see is that the bottleneck will shift between three multiple components in the system so at some stage the drilling becomes the bottleneck, then they put some focus and then they start running a little bit more than they provide enough plaster then the shadows won’t become the constraint.

The prep gets deeper or mining further on the other further part of the path then the trunk becomes the bottleneck in the other words the shallow start waiting for the trucks but if there’s mining closer to the plan the trucks already polish. So, there is a fluctuating between queuing and waiting, for some reason miners try to optimize everything and in the process they never optimize anything and they don’t realize that in the mining pad like this everything varies single every single day so what they are advocating for the theory of constraints is to build enough buffers in between these processes. So, these processes are not interfering with each other which means they want to have enough plus the truck in front of the shovels.

Having a run of one stockpile or sometimes more than one stockpile of the right pair of different grains So, that they can blend from the stockpiles into the crusher at the right great feed for the processing plant and this is also a little bit of counterintuitive to the normal way we do things and all the way to try and optimize everything now there’s no stockpiles, no double handling but what they’ve advocated is sometimes exactly the opposite it is to maximize the flow but in order to that, someone has to know that exactly where their bottleneck is, sometimes it sounds like a controversial but miners would like the bottleneck to be is at the processing plant because it’s by far the most expensive piece of equipment that’s where a person can make real money, the real money only comes when someone would sell the product.


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