Placer Mining

Placer mines means that someone is going out and that person is taking the top 12 to 18 inches off of what’s been deposited in a river.

Well, how did the gold get in there in the river?

It washed down from a load, a load of gold in the vein, some water came down and washed it into the river so what we are getting is the bare-bones minimum picking of stuff that is washed off over the years. Another detraction of a placer is a laid claim can be laid out over the top of a placer claim however, a placer can not be laid out over the top of the load claim…

Why is that?

Well, basically because the load claim holds a little more value it tells us that we are looking at what’s under the ground, the place we are looking at the top of 18 inches we hear about these guys that aren’t here placer mining and we know that they are just artisanal mining, that’s not what we want to be doing out here if we are mining if we are out here investing money, investing time and we will want to be making sense some money back at it. With the placer mine when someone goes through all the rock and all the gravel to hopefully get a couple of little flecks of gold, screw that!, that is the most inefficient way to do it if someone wants to get a high grade.

Being a leader if we take out loans and after that buying a little mine and afterward, we can make money as billions of dollars a year.


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