Kode Core is the one of the finest commercial real estate provider. We handle a diverse portfolio of over 80 properties contains medical, retail, industrial, office etc and open land overall the state.


Now, there are different types of real estate.

  • Multifamily
  • Office buildings
  • Retail
  • Industrial

Our company is a global commercial real estate services provider company, In addition with real estate investment, management of property and services of brokerage to offer.

We have a global approach that contains services of business intelligence, administration of leasing , management of portfolios for investors and much more.

So, for a multifamily property we consider commercial, it needs to have 5 or more units. So, this could be anything from a small 16 unit apartment building to a high rise apartment tower with 1000 or more units. The multifamily is one of the most popular product types to get into especially for new investors and it makes a lot of sense.

Multifamily is one of the easiest product types to understand and Afterall, everyone needs a place to live. So, one of the biggest pros of investing in multifamily deals is that-
We can take advantage of positive economic shafts quickly.

With the short term nature of multifamily leases whether it’s 6 months/9months/12 months even in 18 months if, the market that we are dealing is experiencing significant rent growth on a short term basis, usually within 12-18 months we will be able to often get all leases up to market rates within 12-18 months.

So, if our market seems 6% in our rent increase usually we would be able to capitalize on the 6% in our rent increase within that 12- 18 months.

Now, another main benefit of multifamily investing is that-
Multifamily properties are generally shielded from major occupancy dips in other commercial real estate deals.

So, because many multifamily properties have 100/200/500 or more tenants, the diversity of those tenants makes it much less drastic to our cash flows when 1 or 2 tenants move out of our building.

This can be anything from a single building office in a suburban setting to a high rise office building that would be seen in major metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago, or San Francisco. Now, in contrast to the multifamily, office is one of the most difficult product types to understand and has one of the highest risk world’s profiles of any commercial real estate product type.

So, as far as pros of office real estate investing are that-
We can make a lot of money in a very short period if we find a good deal.

So, just think about it, if we are buying an office property that is 50% occupied and then within 3 years 6 months we would be able to lease that remaining 50% of the office building and double that non-operating income in the process. Since commercial real estate valuation is based on that non-operating income number, it’s possible to more than double the valuation of a deal like this within a 6/12 or 18-month period.

Now, another major pro of office investing is that-
If we can sign leases with high-quality credit tenants, then we have a secure way of being paid over a very long period.

Now, this could be anything from a standard shop like a bank, or a drug store or regional shopping mall. Today, retail is undergoing a massive shift and retail is needing to find ways to stay competitive and to continue to drive traffic to those retail centers.

Now, with that said many investors have been scared away from retail over the past few years which presents a huge opportunity to capitalize on the changing retail landscape

So, right now there’s a huge opportunity to take underperforming well-located retail centers and transform them into something useful for consumers today.
Now, another major pro of retail property is that oftentimes many retail leases contain triple net (NNN) reimbursement structures.

So, in that case, we have 100% occupancy and we have all tenants with all NNN leases that restructure as a landlord that’s gonna protect us quite a bit from any sort of major spikes in operating expenses that we otherwise would have to recover at the landlord level.

Now, just like office property, retails property also tends to be much less management intensive, so if someone is looking for more hands-off deal retail could be a great fit for them.

So, this could be anything from a warehouse to a light or heavy manufacturing plant.

Now, today one of the biggest pros of industrial property is that-

Industrial is a huge beneficiary of the trend moving towards e-commerce So, companies like Amazon needing additional distributions centers to get goods to people more quickly industrial has benefited from that quite a bit and with that industrial rents have increased the demand for industrial spaces has increased and there have been many build-to-suit opportunities where tenants will approach developers and developers will create spaces for those on a custom basis.

Now, another big benefit of industrial is that-
It’s generally the most hands-off management of all commercial real estate product types, this especially true if we only have 1 tenant and that tenant is just using that facility for storage oftentimes we’re not going to have the major capital improvements that we may have at a retail property or an office building or multifamily property.

There’s a big opportunity for build-to-suit products. So, if we build brand new products for a company based on their specifications we’ve very little to change that tenant is operating in the space.


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