It’s something a lot of investors never take the time to look into but that’s what we are looking into with the 5 reasons that the land is the best time proof investment.

So, obviously probably one of the most important things as returns or investment in the land flipping business is kind of crazy. So, we don’t know another real estate strategy where someone cannot have only one but consistently get at least a 100% return on their initial investment.
Someone can buy land for 1000 dollars and sell it for 4000 dollars, that’s just typical and this is the land business. We can get 100% returns plus some, it happens easily every time we get a deal. This is it, that’s a very common translation.
It’s not something that we can do once it was something that we were able to do multiple times over one month.
Deals are not necessarily very expensive, so we would say that usual deals are no more at an absolute max of 10 thousand dollars
A person doesn’t need that much money to start as much as a thousand dollars a lot or even less in some cases he/she can pick up land anywhere from a thousand and under. A person knows it varies on the area and the deal he/she picks up.
We would say our usual deals are no more at an absolute max of 10 thousand dollars.
Anyone can flip land from anywhere. Suppose there are two people, one is living in one state on the other hand the second person is in another state. So, it’s kind of difficult for them to talk but it’s not. Some businesses are kind of difficult to meet up with. but it’s not at all.
All we have to do is just each person have their job and we can just get on-call whatever because we never have to go out to the land. Sometimes we know it’s like we never have to go to that land.
All his is online, we would say that over 90 % of the deals people who made they’ve never actually even gone to see the lot. DSo, they’ve never seen this place in person but they can acquire it due to diligence on this property and flip it to a buyer that they never even had gone to meet.
So, in comparison to other real estate strategies like multi-family housing which someone fond of this first and that’s exactly what they want to get into, there’s a no way that they are owning a multi-family property that’s not anywhere within driving distance of them unless they are incurring huge monthly costs by hiring a property manager to deal with the entire thing.
Now we’ve probably heard of real estate appreciation over time but the real estate like the actual structure that’s on top of the land depreciates what happens in that the land that the real estate is standing on, that’s the thing that appreciates and appreciates so much that it offset the depreciation of the real estate structure that’s on top of it.
For example – When we see a crappy house in the middle of the metropolitan area and this house is just sitting there and you’ve got buildings here and everything stores everything’s developing but that house is sitting there and that’s because the owner is holding on as he knows that he can get so much more for the land itself, not the house is crappy but everything around it is developing, the city’s developing and so in the land prices, the blind prices are just going up so now within the land flipping formula that we can flip land at much higher volume but if for whatever the reason is that this land was not able to sell right now.
Maybe somebody gets messed up and they bought in a market that wasn’t in the correct area that we can flip this very quickly for the profit, well the land isn’t going anywhere and they also don’t have to do anything about it. They have no huge mortgage cost, no massive property taxes all they have to do is just hold that land until and unless they are not ready to sell or there is a market for someone who wants to come and buy it.
Land can generate cash flow monthly cash flow so, if we were to purchase an investment and then flip it for cash, then great we got a lump sum of cash and we got our return right there, but a lot of times we see on terms meaning we offer seller financing to our buyers and they can pay us monthly for that property. So, what that does is that lower the price of the property in the sense of we are paying monthly instead of a big amount, So when people see like a big amount for a property they kind of get scared away from it, but when we offer to finance not only we are getting that 200/300/400 dollars a month but it’s every single month till that property is paid off and not only is it gonna be 4 times our investment it could be 5 times, 6 times of our investment.
So, essentially we do become a bank what happens is if we were to take out a mortgage from a bank and then that we make monthly payments to the bank, We are doing the same thing just we become the bank and other people pay us what we can do is charge an interest rate that we decide it’s all completely arbitrary and up to us and it’s very typical for us to get our initial investment. Only 12 months and after that, it’s all profits.

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