According to residential property, the vacancy risk is very less. As we know that people need space or a place to live that’s why the percentage of being vacant in residential properties is very low.
  • Single-detached house and Lot
  • Single attached house and Lot
  • Townhouse
  • Duplex
  • Condominium
  • Residential Lot
It is really easy to manage and maintain the tenant and the property. As we just have to provide the property to the tenant and the tenant keeps up their maintenance. So, the scope of managing the residential property becomes very less or we can say that there’s no scope to manage the property.

There is a short-term lease period and the investment amount in residential property is lower than the commercial property.

In residential real estate investment, we are dealing essentially with the people. The biggest advantage of residential real estate investment is that it is fairly easy to find a new tenant once our property becomes vacant.

And there’s always cashflow coming from our investments. Banks will lend up to 90% or more on residential properties. We would require much lesser seed capital to start with residential real estate investment and will be able to leverage our money better with residential property. Government laws concerning the residential property are far more stringent and can override anything that we may have written in the rental agreement of the tenant.

Single-detached house and Lot

When we say single-detached that means the house is not attached to any wall around a lot so it is detached, there’s open space on the side in front and behind the house.
The advantage of a Single-detached house and LOT is that it has more space for expansion.

Single attached house and Lot

So, this is a type of property wherein one side of the house is attached to a firewall that is located directly on the boundary of the property. This is usually done for lots with smaller areas so that the lots can be maximized and we can dig a bigger house on our small lot.


This is a type of property that shares a common wall between the units, so the units are very similar in design usually they are found in clusters of 3 or 4 or even more.


Duplex is an identical property with a wall in between, a duplex is twin homes so when you look at the house it looks like there’s one house but when you look closely there is a wall in the middle of the house and there are two separate entrances.


It is a type of real estate divided into several units, each separately owned and there are also common areas that are then jointly owned by the home or the unit owners. So, the lot of the condominium is jointly owned by the unit owners along with the common areas while each unit is owned individually. The condominium has monthly dues which will depend on the amount of it and also depend on how big our floor area is.

Residential Lot

This is a plot of land wherein we can construct our dream home.


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