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So, if someone is looking for a real estate market to invest in,


A positive net migration effects

  • Increased demand for housing
  • Increased demand for retail
  • Increased demand for office
  • Increased demand for industrial

How do they actually run an analysis to figure out where they can maximize their chances of success for their next real estate deal???

Now, in our experience, the biggest thing that people can analyze to figure out whether or not a market is growing is to take a look at the net migration patterns of that city or state.

So, net migration just measures the number of people moving into an area versus the number of people moving out of the area. So, positive net migration means that more people moved in than moved out and negative net migration means more people moved out than moved in.

A positive net migration pattern where cities and states are seeing more people come in overall that are leaving which creates an additional demand for housing retail properties and office space and even industrial warehouse space as well.

So, as more people move into an area the demand for housing goes up, and even if many of these people decide to purchase a home that puts upward pressure on home prices which also puts upward pressure on multi-family rent as well this also creates upward pressure on consumer spending since there are more people in the area are able to buy goods and services.

And as far as office properties are concerned many states actually have net migration patterns that are in large part due to job growth in the area and which means more demand for office space which creates upward pressure on office rents as well.

Even for industrial properties with more people living in certain areas, there will be more of a demand to create industrial hubs near that growing population to get then products that they’ve ordered more quickly.

So, if net migration pattern really determine the direction that a market is going what actually determines net migration in the market, well there are 3 main things that are really going to affect net migration pattern in an area-

Now, even with the growth of remote work the vast majority of the people still go to an office space or place of work every day in order to collect a paycheck, and oftentimes these will actually move to certain areas because of a certain job and with the more job growth you have that increases the demand for housing, retail and office space as well.

This is a huge one especially for people living in the high cost of living cities and states. Within this, we’re gonna lump in home prices, rents, and income taxes as well.

So, if bigger companies can move their offices to lower cost of living areas that allows them to pay their employees a lower salary which ultimately decreases their overhead and allows them to be more profitable companies

Now with more options than ever for remote work or finding jobs out of state more than ever before with technology people are deciding to move where they want to live and find work around the desire to live in a certain city.

Now if we put all of these things together we really maximize our chances for a long term growth market and overall profitability if we decide to invest in a deal in that specific city or state. Once we’ve chosen the market the next step in this is going to be the deal analysis port and with that, we are going to need to know real estate financial modeling and deal analysis.

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